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There are lots of questions about how to hack account passwords on "Yahoo Answers" everyday.

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Most people will be fooled by those words. They think hacking skills are too complicated for common computer users. Is this seemingly magical technique only available to those pc savvys who claim to hack for you if you pay them say, 60$ without installing any hacking software to the target pc( though 100% of them are scam )? They answer is no. In fact, there is an effective and easy-to-use hacking software for people who have only basic computer knowledge. With this smart hacking software, you can protect your kids from meeting bad people and put an end to time waste of employees during working hours. This is keylogger, the only easy way to hack into account passwords.

Keylogger, also known as keystroke recorder, spy software (not spyware), or activity monitoring software, is a piece of software solution that can help record every single keystroke typed, including account ID, passwords, email, chats and more. Keylogger, like any other software program, is easy to install and operate. You don’t need to be computer experts to use keylogger hacking software, anyone with basic pc knowledge can use it with ease.

Before we go further with keylogging, I think it is necessary to remind customers not to be tricked by those “mystical” hacking services that claim to hack into others’ account just with a click of button or those "experts" who can hack passwords for you with money. They are no more than a scam. With more than 6 years working experience in computer hacking and Internet security, I can assure you that there are only 3 real working ways to hack into another accounts:
1. Guess the password, it may work with familiar friends but the success rate is very low.
2. Phishing, also known as “fake login page”, it requires lots of pc knowledge to use.
3. Keylogger, the easiest way to hack and all it requires is basic computer skills.

If you ever heard of it, you may feel confused by tons of keylogger hacking software out there on the market, now I will clarify their difference. In gengeral, keylogger can be divided into three main types.
1. Local Keylogger – You need install the keylogger to the computer to be monitored (physical access is needed), after a few steps of simple configuration, you can receive logging results via email or ftp.
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2. Remote Keylogger – You can install the keylogger either locally or remotely as you wish. After installation you can monitor the target pc in real-time like watching TV from anywhere that is connected with Internet.
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3. Network Keylogger – This type of hacking software contains two parts (server & client) and works in lan environment. The server program is installed on the main computer (the one used to monitor other pcs in the lan), the client prgram is installed on the pcs to be monitored. Then you can monitor and control all other computers within lan from your own pc.
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So which hacking software to choose?
If you have physical access to the target computer, you can choose either local keylogger or remote keylogger.
If you don't have access to that pc, you need remote keylogger.
If you are in lan environment and want to monitor other pcs in the network centrally, you should try network keylogger.

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