How to Hack into iPhone Without Jailbreak?

hacking iphone without jailbreaking

Quesiton: How can I hack into my kid's iPhone without jailbreaking the device? I am worried that my teenage daugher may meet online strangers. She chats a lot on her iphone. I have looked for the ways to hack into iphone, but most apps need the iphone to be jailbreaken in order to install, I wanna know if there is any way to spy on her iphone without the need to jailbreak it?

Best Answer: Sorry to tell you that any iphone spying software needs the phone to be jailbreaken to install. There is no other way. Anyhow, jailbreak is legal and easy, there are tons of online jailbreak guide out there. After the iphone is jailbreaken, you can hack into all iphone activity of your kid without her knowing.

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