How to Crack Someone Email Passwords? 


I am suspecting that my kid is chatting online with adult strangers on yahoo messenger, I would like to crack his yahoo email password. Is there any easy way to do that? I am not computer savvy, so pls as easy as possible.

Answer 1:

The only easy way to crack email account passwords is by installing keylogger on your kid's computer. It can keep track of ANY account passwords typed can also log the yahoo chats messages for you. Follow the link for two trusted keylogging app: Softspy and SoftspyMac.

Click Here for the guides on possible ways to crack email passwords.

Answer 2:

If you do not trust your children, talk to them, it is invasion of privacy to crack their email password, if your kid is too young to behave themselves with PC, then take the computer away from them.

Answer 3:

The only easy way is by using keylogger, but you need pay cos the free ones out there are not safe to use. Another method for email password cracking is by phishing, which demands high on computer skills. Google it if you are interested.

Answer 4:

All those popular email services like yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail, they all have secure connections to login and logout, it is no easy job to crack the password. Maybe you can access your kids account when they forgot to logout or you can guess their account password.

Answer 5:

Cracking other's email account

is illegal and you will be put into prison if you do this silly thing, why not talk with your kid?

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