How to hack into ID of the account of popular sites?

ID hacking software 

Ever wondering about ID hacking software that or ways by which you can hack the ID and passwords of any accounts? Do you feel it is necessary to hack your kid's email ID to see who he/she is exchanging mails with? Most common users must think it is difficult task to "HACK", yes? Not really, not only the computer whiz can, anyone with basic computer knowleage can do it.

Before we discuss the real ways for ID hacking, I will show you some online scams.

1. There is no such software for hacking account ID and passwords, once you buy those scam program, you will not only lose your money but also expose your pc to high risk of the scammer.

2. Do not believe those online ID hacking service that can get the account info for you with a fee, they will disappear after your pocket is ripped off.

There are only TWO actual methods to hack the ID of ANY accounts: Keystroke Logging and Phishing

1. Keylogging - The easiest ID hacking tool for users with average PC knowledge.

Keystroke logging, also called keylogger, spy software or activity monitor, can help monitor and record every single keys typed, including all the account ID and passwords accessed on the target computer. Some advanced keylogging app can even log imcoming and outgoing emails, chats, screenshots, and more. Keylogger app is easy to set up and use, it is available to anyone with common PC skills. After fully testing the well-known keylogers on the market, Softspy outstands as the most powerful and reliable one for ID hacks.

Softspy - for Windows


The reasons to choose Softspy:

1 Track ANY account ID and passwords.

All account info ever typed on the tracked computer will show to you online.

2 Monitor other Internet usage as well:
You can monitor the target desktop in realtime like watching TV, other activities like sites visted, mails, chats and also recorded.

3 Can be Installed Remotely
You can either install Softspy physically to the victim computer, or you can install it remotely with email or ftp.

4 The steathiest keylogger ever made:

The software works in totally stealth mode and will be invisible to users and firewalls.

6 Trusted company
Lots of cheap companies out there use keyloggers to steal private info, Softspy is recognised by CNN, CBS, PCPRO and 100% safe to use..

Click Here to Download Softspy for Windows

Click Here to Download Perfectspy for Mac

2. Phishing - The popular ID hack program for users with advanced PC knowledge.

Phishing also called fake login page ( a login page that is almost identical to he REAL one ) , is a commonly use method for hacking others' ID password. It is usually implemented via email or instant messages, once the use click the fake loging page and input their account ID and pass, the info will be emailed to the hacker. If you are really computer savvy that is good with HTML, PHP scripting languages, you can consider using phishing for hacking account ID. For novice computer user, I will recommend using keylogger instead.

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