How to Hack into Any Account ?

account hacking software

You may want to hack into the facebook accounts of your children for parental control reason, you may be wondering how to crack your spouse msn account to see if he/she is cheating online.

Then is it possible to hack others' account?

The answer is YES! But before we go further about the genuine ways of hacking account, be aware of those scams out there.

1 Never believe those sites that offers hacking service with a fee say 100$, in most cases they are feke and will rip-off your porcket.

2 Be aware of those sites that guide you into a false tutorial or survey of hacking account, they will ask you send the ID and password to them "for the sake of" hacking other account for you, once you follow their survey, you will lose your account.

With years of experience in computer hacking and Internet security, I can ensure you that there are only TWO real ways to hack into account successfully. That is keylogging & phishing. Other ways are just scams that will not work.

1 The easier way to hack accounts for people with basic PC skill - Keylogger

Keylogger, also known as spy software or computer activity montor, is widely used for parental control or employe montoring. After installed on the tracked PC, the keylogging program can keep record of ANY keystrokes typed, including all account ID and passwords. You can check all the results with your paticular online account from anywhere that is connected with Internet. I personally tested some popular keylogger program and choose Softspy as the NO1 for account hacking.

Why Softspy?

1. Softspy will help "hack" EVERY account acessed with the target computer, such as orkut, facebook, yahoo, email, msn, and more..

2. Sniperpy can be installed on the target PC either physically or remotely. It means that you can use it even if you do not have access to the monitored computer.

3. The computer owner can not track back to the one who installed Softspy..

4. Softspy is safe to use, the product is recognised by popular media of BBC, CNN, Reader's Digest, etc.

Click Here Download Softspy - for Windows

Click Here Download Softspy - for Mac

2 Another way for hacking account - Phishing

Phishing is also known as Fake Login Page, it is the most popular trick to hack accounts by hackers. The hacker create a page that is the same as facebook, once the victim visit that page and input their account ID&password, the hacker will get them all. However, phishing has high demands on computer knowledge of scripting languages, so it no easy job for common PC users.

So, if you are new to the field of account hacking, I wouls recommend keylogger as the easier and better method to use.

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