How to hack AIM account ID & password?

aim hacking software 

Do you think that your husband/wife is cheating on you and would you like to hack his.her AIM account password? Do you wanna find out what is going on with your kids' AIM email account or wanna log their AIM Triton chatting messages?

In this page I will share with you some good methods for AIM hacking. There are tons of online hacking sites that claim "magical codes that takes 51 second to hack AIM" or "once you pay, we will take care of the AIM hacking job". Never believe those rip-offs, there is no ready-made scripts to hack aim account password. With over 7 years experience in computer engineering and Internet security, I can tell you that there are only TWO ways that actually work for AIM hacking: Keylogging and Phishing.

1. Keylogging - Easy, Requires Money, and Works Everytime for hacking AIM.

Keylogger also known as spy software or system monitor, is a simple tool that can spy on everything the user does on the target PC. It is widely used for parents and bosses to monitor kids or employees online activities, including sites, chats, emails, passwords and more. So it you wanna hack into an AIM account, a keylogger can help log the ID & passwords, emails, chatting messages. Keylogger is not complicated to use, you can get it work well with user guides. After we have tested all those popular keylogging apps out there, we choose Softspy as the NO1.

Softspy - for Windows


Why choose Softspy?

1 It will log AIM and any other account info.

All the account ID and passwords will be recorded for your reference.

2 Can be installed remotely.
You can install the program even if you have no access to the victim computer.

3 Can monitor any Internet activity.

All other PC usage performed are logged, like sites visited, chats, mails sent, etc.

4 Undetectable and Invisible.

The software can bypass AV and firewalls, and be totally invisible to the users.

5 Reputed company that is trustable.

Softspy is not that cheap tool that will steal private info, it is recognised by BBC, CNN, CBS.

Click Here to Download Softspy for Windows

Click Here to Download Perfectspy for Mac

2. Phishing - Complex, Free, Works skilled PC users to hack AIM account.

Phishing is also called fake login page, it steals AIM account passwords by creating a login page that is very similar with the real AIM official site, once the victim enter their AIM info, the hacker will get it immediately. It is commonly used for those who have advanced skills with computer scripting languages for hacking into AIM mail account. If you are with average computer knowledage, I would recommend keylogger as the easiest way to hack AIM passwords.

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