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In the main page we have discussed the three kinds of keylogger hacking programs, now I will share with you some professional network keyloggers. Those tools are widely used to hack into others' PCs within the same LAN. For example, you can hack into all your kids activities on your home network, or you can check employees’ Internet usage within company lan environment. With lan hacking software, you can easily monitor, filter and control other PCs from one central server computer. The following are two excellent tested network hacking programs on the market.

Rating: 9/10 EAM

Pros: As a professional network spy software, EAM stands out for its powerful features, inlcuding full-scale Top10 activity reports, advanced monitoring and filtering functions. There is no other software solution of this kind that is so feature intensive as EAM.
: Price is a little high for home users and educational organizations. A little complicated to use.

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Rating: 8/10 Softactivity Monitor

Pros: This is another smart lan monitoring software which provides customers with decent features and user-friendly interface. It is easy to install and operate, even novice computer users can use it within a few minutes. Good price for personal users and schools.
Cons: No remote installation, users need install the program to all the computers on the lan network.

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Now choose the right tool and no matter you are PC savvy or not, it is easy to hack into computers on the same lan network with a few steps of configuration.

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