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Do you want to hack into your kids’ hotmail to see whether they are contacting with evil adult strangers? Do you want to know what your spouse is exchanging with others via email?

There are lots of searches on google and questions on yahoo about what is the best email hacking program on the market. There are also lots of websites out there making false promises to get any email account passwords for you once you pay them. This article is not to encourage email hacking but to reveal those scams that will rip off money from you. With years of experience in computer security, I can assure you that there are only TWO ways that actually work for hacking into an email password: keylogging and phishing.

keylogging – the easiest email hacking software.

Keylogger is kind of software solution that can help log every single keystroke typed, including ANY email account passwords, some advanced programs can even record activities like screenshots, IM chats, file usage, and more. Once installed, this program will run in totally stealth mode without the user’s notice. You don’t need special knowledge to use keyloggers, this mean that anyone with basic pc skill can easily set up the program and start record the password they need to get into kids & employees email account. Hence keylogging is the easiest for common users to achieve their hacking dream. Among tons of keylogger software, I recommend Softspy as the most reliable and safest one for hacking email account ID and password. Softspy is the best hacking tool that allows you acess to ANY email account, including hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, aol mail, etc.

Softspy - for Windows


Why should you choose Softspy?

There are tons of keylogger software out there but most of them are easily picked up by Anti-Virus software, some are even with virus to steal private information from users. I personally recommend Softspy for it is safe to use and works invisibly to both AV software and users. In addition, Softspy is one of the few spy software that suppport REMOTE INSTALL, which means that you can deploy the program even if you don’t have access to the target computer. The following is a lists of benefits that customers can get from Softspy hakcing program.

1 Record All Passwords
Allows you to access all email accounts and any other online account with no limatition.
2 Monitor Users’ Internet Acitivity
You can watch the Live Screen of the monitored PC like watching TV. Other usage like websites visited, screenshots, both sides of chats are also fully recorded
3 Remote Deployable
Even if you don’t have physical access to the computer you want to monitor, you can install remotely. It can also be installed to a local pc.
4 Easy and Safe to use
Softspy requires no special knowledage to use and they are trusted company that will not steal personal info of users.
5 Windows and Mac versions of the software are available.
It is fully compatible with Windows 2000/2003/2007/XP/Vista/7 and Mac.
6 Works in Background Silently
It can bypass any firewall and AV software detection. It will never show up unless you bring it up.

Click Here to Download Softspy for Windows

Click Here to Download Perfectspy for Mac

Another method for email hacking is by phishing. Phishing is commonly known as “fake login page”. Once the user log in with the fake page created by hackers (ie. a page that looks exactly like facebook), his/her password will be uploaded to the hacker. However, phishing requires lots of computer knowledge to successfully get the password you want, it is hard for noob computer users. So keylogging the easiest email hacking software for common people.

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