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As hotmail being one of the most popular email services all around the world, it is also becoming a crowded place for sending cheating mails and sexual messages. As a result, there are always questions on Yahoo Answers on "how to hack into son's hotmail account" or "how to crack the password of my cheating wife".

In this post, I will show you some hotmail hacking methods that actually work. Before we go further on the topic, i would like to remind you of those online hacking services that will end with ripping off your pocket.

1. There are no magic software that can hack into a hotmail account with just a few clicks. So never buy from those scam sites.

2. Do not trust any online hacking service that will hack for you with a small amount of money like 50$. They will take the money and disappear forever.

With over 8 years experience in ethical hacking and computer security, I can tell you that there are only TWO actual ways to hack into hotmail account: phishing and keylogging. Any other programs or sites that say they can hack for you will be totally virus or scams.

1 The easiest working way to hack hotmail - Keylogging program

Using a keylogging program is the only easy way to hack hotmail account for common PC users. Keylogger, also called keystroke logger or spy software, can help keep track of every keys typed by the individual, some advanced keyloggers can sort out all account ID and passwords, like hotmail, gmail, ymail, facebook, etc. The app can even log all hotmail sent and received on the tracked computer. There are tons of keyloggers on the market, after our tests and comparison, we choose Softspy as the best one for hacking into hotmail passwords.

The reason we choose Softspy:

1.Softspy keep track of ANY account ID & passwords like hotmail.

2. Sniperpy is the best one that support both physical and remote install.

3. Softspy has both Windows and Mac versions.

4. Softspy works in totally steath mode, it will be invisible to users and undetectable by antivirus after being installed on the target PC.

5 Softspy is trusted product that received media attention from CNN, PCPRO. It is not cheap company that use keyloggers to steal private information.

Click Here for more info about Softspy Windows

Click Here for more info about Softspy Mac

2 Another way to hack hotmail is by using Phishing site.

Phishing, also called fake login page, is the most popular hacking trick out there. The hacker create a fake hotmal login page that is exactly like the officail hotmail page, once the victim fill in their hotmail ID and password, they will lose the accounts. However, phishing is quite complicated to use, it requires lots of PC knowledge for HTML, PHP languages. Only people with advanced computer skills can implement it successfully.

So if you are novice in terms of hotmail hacking methods, keylogger would be the actual way to download for cracking the hotmail passwords you dream about.

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