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We have introduced three kinds of computer hacking software on the home page: local, remote and network hacking. Now I will show you some outstanding local keylogger hacking tools on the market. Keyloggers of this kind must be instaled physically to the computer to be monitored. It is widely used for parental control and employee monitoring. After the software is installed on the target PC, you can easily hack into all password and Internet activity of that computer. In addition, this software remains hidden to Anti-Virus software after installation and the computer user can never find it out. Here are reviews on two trusted local computer hacking software that are feature-intensive and affordable.

Rating: 9/10 Power Keylogger - The best stealth PC hacking program
Pros: As the best stealth local keylogger on the market, Power Keylogger is the only one of its kind that can really bypass all AV and firewalls. It is also the most feature intensive computer hacking software that can show you exactly what happened on a given computer.
Cons: No Mac version. Too many options to set up and use the software. It is not a simple “keystroke logger”, there are many tools embeded, so it may seems a little complex for novice users.
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Rating: 8/10 AceSpy - Basic and relialbe computer hacking app
Pros: AceSpy is an easy to use local keylogger with all the necessary features for computer hacking and spying. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. It is also the ONLY one of its kind that has webcam recording feature.
Cons: Limited parental control features, like time limits and search filtering.
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Now you have a general idea about these two tested single computer hacking software, chooese the right one and expose the truth right now!

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