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Which is the best software solution to hack into your kids’ mobile phone activity like text messages sent and received, outgoing and incoming calls, emails usage, website browsed?

There are tons of cell phone spy hacking software out there on the market, before we go further with this topic, it is important to alert you with those scam applications. If the software claims to work on ANY phones, or to spy without installing the software to the target phone (the phone to be monitored), they are no more than scams. There is NO phone hacking software that works with all the phones and you simply can’t monitor other mobile just installing the software to your own phone. Nomally, those scam sites are with the same long promoting page or even the safe price and images, take care not to waste time on those garbage.

In the following we will show you some tested and trusted mobile hacking software which works with most phone with good support and rich features.

Rating: 9/10– Mobile Spy, the best-seller mobile hacking software
Pros: Affordable price and rich features. It can help hack into all sms, calls, gps, email, urls, contacts, phone&video log, memos and more. Annually subscription with free sniperspy (a smart remote pc monitoring software).
Cons: No live” listenning feature”. No parental control feature included.
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Rating: 8/10– SpyGold, excellent mobile hacking program for call interception
Pros: Listening to live calls & surroundings is the most amazing feature of this smartphone interceptin software, it includes most features of Spyphonegoldspy. In addition, there is no limits and no charges if you want to change device.
Cons: High one-time fee. No parental feature.
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Rating: 7/10– ikeymonitor, excellent mobile hacking tool for parents
Pros: This software is excellent in terms of parental control. It allows parents to block incoming and outgoing SMS/Calls, rectrict the time when phones can be used, filter websites, applications and phone functions, lock&unlock the target phone with SMS, alert for SIM card change.
Cons: Limited spying features (only sms, calls, gps and url log). No live call interception. Symbian OS version has not come out yet.
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According to the reviews above, you can choose the software that best suits your needs for mobile phone hacking.

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