Common Mac Hacking Methods

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What is the best tool for hacking into a Mac computer? There are lots online services claiming that they can hack account password for you if you pay them, 99% of them will disappear after they get the money, so don’t waste your money on those scams. There are only TWO real ways for hacking into an account of Mac: Keylogging & Phising.

Keylogging - software solution that can help record everything happpened on the target Mac, including passwords, emails, chats, and more.

Are you looking for a smart Mac hacking software that allows you hack into your kids activities with his/her Macbook? Do you need to hack the email account password of a cheating spouse to get hard evidence? Here I will introduce to you with two smart Mac hacking software on the market with which you can access ANY account easily and freely.

Rating: 9/10 SoftspyMac, the best remote Mac hacking software.
With this hacking program for Mac, you can install to the target Mac both locally and remotely as you wish. Then you can access the logging results (account passwords, emails, chats, websites visited and more) from anywhere that is connected with Internet with a secure online account. The most surprising feature of Softspymac is that it allows you see the live desktop of the monitored Mac like watching TV, you get straightly what your kids or employees are doing in real-time.
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Rating: 8/10PerfectspyMac, a smart local Mac hacking tool.
This is a trusted Mac hacking application that you need install to the target Mac physically. After a few easy steps of configuration, all the records (passwords, screenshots, IM, keystrokes, etc.) will deliver to you with email. It remains hidden in the background and totally invisible to the Macintosh users.
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Apart from keylogging, phishing is also used for hacking Mac comouters. Phishing, also know as Fake Login Pages, works by leading you to a page that is almost the same as, say Yahoo login page, when you input your account info, they will be uploaded to the hackers remote server. So take care before inputting your info to those traps. Phishing needs lots of knowledge of HYML and PHP, JSP languages, so I conclude keylogger software as the easiest way for hacking Mac OS X.

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