How to hack kids mail account ID & password?



I think my son is getting emails from some adult stranger who are seducing him. I am not really sure but everytime I see him after he checks his email in my laptop his face changes totally and looks like he is scared and when I sat him down last time and asked him whats wrong he said nothing. so would you please help me figure out how I can hack into my kids ymail, hotmail and gmail email accounts by getting its id and passwords?.


1. Keylogging and phishing is the only two ways that actually works for hacking mail accounts. Keylogger is basic and easier for noivce users and phishing is much complicated to operate. Snierspy is the most reliable app that can log myspace account ID and passwords, other Internet activities like emails, chats, sites are also recorded, more info about Softspy and SoftspyMac

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That's certainly the correct way to know why your son is like that. Try to talk to him... and ask him what's wrong. Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children so better do the right thing today...


Well, the simplest thing you can do, since it's probably your own computer, why don't you put a keylogger in your computer so that when he accesses his email the next time you'll see his username and password.

4. You don't need to hack his e-mail my friend. What you need to do is talk with your son. Spend time with him. Go to a movie, throw a ball, go fishing....whatever. Reconnect with him and don't even mention the "bully" topic. Open the lines of communication by listening, sharing, spending time together. Take him and all his friends out for burgers and fries on YOU. Tell him you love him...OUT LOUD and in person. Hug him. Frequently. ( No...not in front of his friends ) Let him bring up the subjects to talk about. Validate him by respecting his opinions, even if you disagree. After you do all this then you hand him a copy of your question here and tell him you love him and you are concerned. Tell him you DID NOT hack his account because you respected his privacy but you are willing to do anything to help him.
You can go to Major Geeks.com and download a free keylogger program that will track every key stroke anyone makes on your computer. Confront him with what you find. This should serve to alienate him, isolate him and destroy any remaining trust he has in you.
Just my opinion mind you.


Hacking is illegal. If you know your sons e-mail password then you can check it, but any other attempts that don't involve parental controls, would be illegal.

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