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orkut hacking software

As orkut has become one of the most popular social networking websites all around the world, there are more and more people out there who want hack into their kids orkut account to find the suspicious activities, or people who try to get hard evidence for catching cheating spouse with orkut.

Before we explore deeper on the topic of orkut hacking, I would like to warn you some common traps on the Internet. If there is websites that sell "magic" orkut hacking software that will hack other's account with just a few clicks, or if someone claims that he/she can hack orkut account for you with a small amount of fee, just ignore them, they are no more than scams. With years of working experience in network security and ethical hacking, I can ensure that there are only TWO real ways to hack into orkut account: keylogging and phishing. Other ways are just rip-offs.

1 The easiest way to hack orkut account - Keylogging.

Keyloggers are programs that keep record of any keystrokes that are typed by the computer user, including the orkut account ID and passwords. Some advanced keylogger can even sort out chats, emails, accounts used on the tracked computer. Keylogger, like any other applications, is easy to install and set up, anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily get the orkut account info with the help of keyloggers. Among all those popular keyloggers we tested on the market, Softspy is the best one for orkut account hacking.

Why Softspy?

1.Softspy can keep track of ANY account accessed on the target PC, this includes orkut, facebook, myspace, gmail, msn, and more.

2. Sniperpy is the only solution out there that support REMOTE install, you can deploy the keylogger even if you have no physical access to the tracked computer.

3. Softspy is invisible to user and undetectable to antivirus or firewalls once installed.

4. Softspy safe to use and reported by well-know media like CNN, CBS, PCPRO.

Click Here for more info about Softspy Windows

Click Here for more info about Softspy Mac

2 Another common way to hack orkut passwords

Phishing, also known as fake login page, is widely used by hackers to steal users orkut account information. By sending a login page that is exactly like the real orkut page to the victims, the hacker can easily get the account ID & password once the users fall into this trap. However, it is really no easy job to create a fake login page, it demands high in computer skills like HTML, PHP, etc. So if are average PC users, I would recommend keylogging as the easier way to hack yout kids' orkut acocunt.

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