How to Hack into Password in an easy way?

password hacking software

Do you wanna hack into your kids' account pawwords to see their email activity or network site profile? Do you wanna crack your wife/husband's online account passwords to see whether they are cheating on you?

There are always people asking me to hack a password for them with a fee. I will not hack for others and I can tell you that those "hackers" online are simply scams who claim they can hack account password for you if you pay them. They are rip-offs that will disappear when they get your money. Now I will share with you some tips and tricks on how to hack others' password. With years of experience in PC security & hacking, I can tell you that only THREE ways are available and reliable for hacking into online passwords: keylogging, phishing and social engineering,

1 The best software to hack password for common PC user - Keylogger

Then what is keylogger?

Keyloggr is software solution that can log everything typed on the target computer, including all the account passwords. Some commercial keylogging program can even record emails sent and received, outgoing an incoming chat messages, real-time screen activity. Keylogger is easy to install and configure like using any other computer software. So if you are users with average PC skills, keylogger is the only genuine method to hack into the passwords. After tested all kinds of keyloggers on the market, we conclude Softspy as te best one to use.

Why Softspy?

1.Softspy will "hack" ANY passwords typed, including facebook, gmail, orkut, yahoomail, myspace, hotmail, msn, and more.

2. Sniperpy the only easy to use REMOTE deployable keylogger out there. You can install physically to the victim computer or remotely install with email attachment.

3. Softspy works in stealth mode and will be totally invisile to users and firewalls.

4. Recognised by well-known media like BBC, CNN and supports both Windows (including Win7) & Mac.

Click Here for more info about Softspy Windows

Click Here for more info about Softspy Mac

The other two way of hacking passwords:

Phishing - By phishing it means that you create a fake login page, once the victim input his/her account info into that page, you will get it. But this method needs lots of knowledge on computer language of PHP, ASP etc.

Social Engineering: It is the most complicated way for password hacking and needs years of study on computer engineering.

All in all, we choose keylogger as the easies program for novice PC users to "hack " into the account passwords as wish. If you are interested, try it!!

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