Monitor a PC from an iPhone

remote monitoring pc from iphone

Do you wanna monitor a remote computer from your iphone in realtime? Are you wondering how can you monitor the PC of your kids remotely from your iphone?

Here I will introduce a trusted remote monitoring app on the market: Perfectspy. The app can be installed both locally and remotely on the target computer, once installed, you can check the user screen with your iphone like watching TV. Everything user does can be recorded and uploaded to your online account, you can check the logs with your iphone easily. In addition, you can even control and shut off the tracked PC as you wish.

Sush smart apps for monitoring a computer from your iphone is easy to use and help a lot for parental control, catching cheaters, and employee monitoring. If you are interested in this amazing app:

Click Here to Download PerfectSpy for Windows
Click Here to Download PerfectSpy for Mac

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