Monitor Windows PC from a Mac

remote monitor windows from mac

Are you looking for an easy way to monitor a Windows OS computer from your Mac? Do you want to check what your teenage kids do on their win 7 PC from your Mac iOS device? Do you need to check if employees waste their time on dating and gaming sites?

Here I will share with you a smart remote monitoring app that allows you monitor a remote windows PC from a Mac lively like watching TV. After the app is installed on the target windows laptop, you can log on your online account through your Mac computer and then you can check the screen in realtime, spy on all activity logs like the chats, sites, emails, keystrokes and more. You can even control the target PC as you wish. Are you interested in this amaing app for monitoring windows from mac?

Click Here to Download PerfectSpy for Windows
Click Here to Download PerfectSpy for Mac

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