How to Steal Someone Email Passwords? 


I suspect that my wife is cheating, she always spends much time on her yahoo mail recently, and when i come in, she will close the mail account immediately. Does anyone out there who konw how I can steal or crack her email password? I already know her email ID. Thanks.

Answer 1:

There are only two ways to get someone email account password, the easier way is by using compuer spy software, it can help log all account passwords accessed on the victim's PC. Follow the link for two tested spy programs for windows and Mac: Perfectspy and PerfectspyMac

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Answer 2:

I know how to steal email password but I would not tell you, it is invasion of privacy, just talk to your spouse if you do not trust her, or try guess the password, lol.

Answer 3:

I would not suggest you crack or steal her password, it is not only illegal but also disrespect of your wife's privacy. If you really need to, phishing is the commonly used technique for hackers to secretly get other's email password, google it if you are interested, it is no easy jod.

Answer 4:

It is hard for common users to steal an email account passwords cos all email services like hotmail, ymail, gmail all have advanced security methods to prevent users' info from being leaked. The only easy way out there is by using a keystroke logging program on the target computer, once successfully installed, you can get any mail passwords you want.

Answer 5:

Leave your wife alone, leave her if you do not trust her, do not be that creepy to steal her email passwords.

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