How to Steal someone Facebook Password?

How to Steal Facebook Passwords? 


I am thinking of stealing my kids facebook accounts to see if he is contacting with online predators. Do you know any easy way to crack his account passwords? I know his username ID.


1. The only easy way to get your kids facebook passwords is by installing third party parental control app on his PC, after it is successfully installed, it can log any account passwords typed, follow the link for more info about two commonly used tools to steal facebook password: Perfectspy and PerfectspyMac

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2. You need hack into the facebook account in order to get his passowrd, it is in violation of Facebook guidelines and may be illegal according to your local law. So take care before be such a creepy dad.

3. You would get into big trouble stealing others' facebook account info, I would suggest you try to talk to your kids insted of spying on his activity.

4. I think the only easy way to get your kid's facebook password is by guessing. If your child set a simple password, then you will be lucky dog.

5. Stealing facebook account passwords is not ethical in Internet field. But if you insist to do that for the sake of your kid's safety, you would need install a keylogger to his computer, you will get all his account passwords once the keylogger is installed. Note that some free keyloggers are with virus to steal your private info, try some trusted commercial ones instead.

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