How to Track Cell Phone Records?

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Do you want to track your child's phone records to find out who they are calling? Do you suspect that your wife/husband is cheating on you sexting with others? Do you want to know if employees are using company mobile phones for personal use? You may have the needs to look up the phone records for different reasons. Then what is the easiest way to check the records without user knowing?

There are tons of scam sites online that sell phone records, they claim that once you pay them and type in the phone number, it will show you all the records taken place last month. Never trust such websites, they are no more that rip-offs.

The only easy way to track others cellphone records is by installing phone spy app on the target phone. This kind of software can help record all incoming and outgoing calls with duration and time stamp, sms text messages sent and received with full text. The app works in totally stealth mode and the user will notice its presence.

There are tons of phone records tracking software on the market, we conclude the following ones as the TOP3 to track detailed phone records: Phone Sheriff, Highster, and Spyphonegold. Click Here for comparison of the three reviewed apps that can help track cell phone records.

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