iPhone Hacking Software

iPhone hacking software

Hi, I am a concerned parents, and I am looking for an easy way to hack into my teenage daughter's iphone to get her sms & call logs, gps location. She spent too much time on her iphone and I hear once she talked to online strangers. I am afraid she may see them without telling us.

Well, phone safety has become a hot topic nowadays, smartphones are used like computers, you can chat, mail, watching videos, etc. As parents used to concern about kids PC safety, it is time to pay more attention to their phone usage. Lots of kids watch online porns, sending secret sms texts with predators, or even take nude pics. In this page I will introduce a smart iPhone hacking software for parents - Phone Sheriff.

Phone Sheriff is designed for parental control onver kids phone usage. The app once installed will work in stealth mode and will hack into any iPhone activity, like the text messages, call records, GPS location, Internet usage, with the PRO version, you can even listen to kids realtime call conversations. In addition, it can also help fiter unwanted calls, sms, sites, apps from kids. The iPhone hacker appp is of great help for parental control, employee monitoring and catching cheaters.

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