Sony Ericsson Phone Hacking Software

Sony Ericsson hacking software

Question: Hi, I am woden from NY, I am worried that my husband may cheat on me with his EX. He has an sony ericsson with password on it and he delete all his call and text messages everyday. He will not leave his phone even when he goes to the bathroom. I would like to know if there any software i can use to hack into sony ericsson and check his phone usage?

Answer: It is always better to trust him and talk with him than spying on him. If you insist on hacking his sony ericsson, there are two options for you. First one: if he use the same family plan with you, you may be able to get the sms and call logs from the service provider. If not, the only way to hack the sony ericsson is to install spy apps like spybubble onto his phone.

Such spy app works in stealth mode and will hack into any activity performed on the tracked sony ericsson without user notice. All the text messages, emails, calls, webpages, PICs taken, gps location can be logged. The app is easy to install and is popular among parents, employers.

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