Tablet Keylogger Spy Software

tablet keylogger monitoring software for ipad, android, blackberry

Do you suspect that employees waste time on gaming or dating sites with the tablet computer during work time? Are you worried about teenage kids surfing inappropriate web content or chatting with online predators? In this article I will share with a trusted tablet keylogger software - PeekTab.

PeekTab is the first tablet pc keylogger app of its kind that is designed for parental control, catching cheaters, and employee monitoring. The program, once installed, will work in totoally stealth mode and spy on everything user does on the target tablet computer, including the web history, gps location, apps installed, photos taken, calender, iMessages. Fo tablet that has sim slot, it can also record the calls, sms text messages. Peektab is the only tablet keylogger program available the market.

PeekTab is now compatible with most tablet models with iPad, android, blackberry iOS. Popular brands like Acer, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung Galaxy. Time to reduce employees' time-waste and catch ceating boyfriend, go and get this amazing tablet keylogger monitoring program.

Click Here for more info about the user guide and full features of PeekTab tablet keylogger spy app.

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