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tablet Tracker software for ipad, android, blackberry

As a parent, do you worry that your teenage daughter may surf unwanted forums or video sites on her iPad? As a company employer, are you wondering if employees waste hours on youtube or social network sites with company tablet computers? Now I will introduce the first tablet Tracker software available on the market - PeekTab.

PeekTab, which is developed by Retina Studio, is a smart tablet tracker that can help track everything user does on their tablets with iPad, android and blackberry iOS. With Peektab, you can get kid's gps location, their emails sent and received, webpages visited, apps installed, photoes taken, notes, calendar, even the text messages and call logs (for tablets with sim slot). This amazing tablet tracker program is of great help for safeguarding teenage kids, improve working efficiency, or discovering cheating spouse.

PeekTab is fully compatible with popular tablet laptops like Acer, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung Galaxy. Are you interested in this amazing tablet tracker tool?

Click Here for more info about the user guide and full features of PeekTab tablet Tracker software.

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