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How to hack gmail account in an easy way?

gmail hacking software

Gmail has become one of the most popular email services provider all around the world, more and more people are sending cheating messages or porn shares with it. So sometimes it is necessary to find out the truth by hacking into your kid's or spouse' gmail account.

In this post I will show you some REAL ways that can help hack gmai ID & password successfully. Before we go further on this topic, I would like to remind you of some gmail hacking SCAMs on the market. 1. There is no program that can hack into a gmail account with just a few clicks, if some one sells this "magic" program online, they are no more than scams. 2. Do not believe those websites that offer gmail hacking services with a fee say 50$, they are just rip-offs.

With years of experience in computer safety and network security, I can tell you that there are only TWO actual ways for gmail account hacking: keylogging and social engineering.

1. The easiest way to hack gmail account ID and password - keylogging

Keylogger, also called activity monitor or spy software, is software app that will keep logs of ANY keystrokes typed on the target computer, including the gmail ID & password. Some commercial keyloggers can even record the exact gmails sent and received. Keylogger, like any other computer software, is easy to set up and configure, anyone with basic PC skill can install and use it without any problem.

Among all the keyloggers we tested, Sniperspy stands out as the best one.

The reasons why we choose Sniperspy as the best:

1. Sniperspy can track ANY account used on the tracked PC, including gmail, ymail, facebook, msn and more.

2. Sniperspy can be installed both physically and remotely, if you have no access to the target computer, you can deploy via email.

3. The software works in the background and will show on any icon, the user will never know it is installed

4. The vendor, unlike other cheap companies that use keylogger to steal users' info, is trusted and recognised by popular media like CNN, CBS, BBC.

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2. Another way to hack gmail account passwords is by social engineering.

The most commonly used method of social engineering is phishing. The hacker create a gmail fake login page (a page that is exactly like the real gmail login page) and send it to the victims computer, once the victims click the page and enter their gmail account, the info will be sent back to the hacker. However, phishing has high demands on HTML and PHP languages, so if you are novice to the field of PC hacking, I would recommned use keylogging to hack into the target gmail account.

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